A Coffee Shop Sofya

Elegant house 33 — this pre-revolutionary grocery store Bakakeng where Plyos citizens first saw the pineapple. The building now houses the iconic Plyos school, where all the Goodies — your own, homemade. A coffee shop is not a coincidence bears the name of Sophia Kuvshinnikova.

In the late nineteenth century lived in the mother is an amazing woman that I knew, loved and gossiped about which all Moscow art. Her name was Sofia Petrovna Kuvshinnikov. In a small state-owned apartment under the roof of the fire tower near khitrova market, dedicated to her husband, a police

doctor, she created the interior, which easily came A. P. Chekhov and I. Repin, M. N. Yermolov and A. I. Ugine, S. A. Stepanov and V. A. Gilyarovsky. Yes, it was hard at the time to find famous in the artistic environment of Moscow the person who has never visited Sophie, as lovingly called gracious hostess.

For eight years, Sophia Kuvshinnikov was a student and close friend of Isaac Levitan, and came in for three seasons with him and A. S. Stepanov in ples. And it was the Golden time of art of a great landscape painter.

Plyos Coffee shop Sofya Petrovna Kuvshinnikova — the high school level and taste. It would seem that she wasn’t supposed to exist in a tiny, provincial town of district subordination. But it exists! With his confectionery shop, select products, grandmother’s recipe, handmade Goodies, where do not disregard any recipe, no complicated, long and laborious technology, it throws a daring challenge to the traditional approach.

A coffee shop Sophia Kuvshinnikova — part of the project «Secret Russia”, and this largely explains the reason for such a high strictness.

Alexey Shevtsov

Coffee shop owner Sophia Kuvshinnikova, Plyos investor, initiator and President of the all-Russian project «Secret Russia”

“tourism Product reach — an exhibit of Russian art to live, attractive demonstration of our asymmetric response of different European options art de vivre. And it turns out that the modesty of ples in the sense of a security outstanding monuments of antiquity in his best interests. It is not just a city unique and a symbol of Russian province in General, character depth, devoid of gloss, real Russia”.

And if ples in the concept of “Secret of Russia” acts as a benchmark of the Russian provinces, symbol, true, true, but clean and friendly Russia, and it becomes a real sense of life Coffee house of Sophia Kuvshinnikova.

So increasingly common that the Coffee shop is inseparable associated with Ples, start here and continue getting acquainted with our city. Here for hundreds of versts going to taste the local colaco, home, with the taste of childhood, pies, warm up uncompromisingly hot chocolate and savor exclusive ice cream “Cream-coconut” or “Historic sundae”.

The coffee shop has become a deeply romantic place where the famous formula of Plyos Eclair becomes a formula of love.

Here, a drink of coffee, close your eyes and, slowly biting into the bagel with salmon and mascarpone, to mentally travel back to new York cafe, with its traditional bagelen. Or go to London, enjoying in ples tea cupcake with cream and a drop of jam. In just in time for Five o’clock Tea. And if you want, just stop the time with Bashkir tea, our strawberry jam and views of the eternal river.

And driven to surprise guests to their capitals and megacities Goodies — home sugar and cream favorite cookies of Isaac Levitan, a priceless secret – the recipe of which main Plyos connoisseur artist Olga V. Nasedkin passed the coffee shop.

Do so and You.

Oh, and don’t forget to taste and to remember our legendary colaco!

Maxim Syrnikov

Famous cook, a researcher of Russian gastronomic traditions

«In sweetest ples showed me how to cook colaco. Baked it in my eyes a wonderful lady Tatyana Chernova, a professional pastry chef — from local craftsmen. So kulaki baked a decades old in those places, including her own grandmother and great-grandmother. Filling — from delicate curds, whipped with eggs and sour cream. And the bottom and sides — crumbly, but yeast dough. A luxurious thing. And don’t listen to all the crying over the death of Russian cuisine. While Moscow and St. Petersburg mourn her, in ples bake kulacki”.


English tea for two persons

For the 10th anniversary of the visit to plies His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent (2005–2015)

Every Friday at 17:00

The tea leaf black tea (500 ml), two muffin-scone, unsweetened whipped cream, homemade strawberry jam.

Nice trendy Breakfast

New York Breakfast

From Friday to Sunday

Bagel-Bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon, Green or Red Apple, Grande Americano or Filter Coffee

350 p. Plyos Breakfast

Sandwich with ham and cheese, Natural yogurt, hard-boiled Egg, Mandarin, Leaf black tea with lemon

350 R. Parisian Breakfast

Croissant with ham and cheese, Brioche with poppy seeds, Orange juice, Filter Coffee or Cappuccino Grande


Cappuccino classic/Grande 200/300 ml

150/199 R. Cappuccino classic with a 200 ml

99 R. American classic/Grande 200/300 ml



Tea with aromatic herbs and spices

Tea without tea

Other drinks


Croissant 40 gr

99 R. Croissant with ham and cheese 100 gr

150 R. Croissant with sausage 100 gr

99 R. Brioche with poppy seeds 60 g

50 R. Kish Lauren 100 gr

150 R. Patty stuffed with 60 grams

50 R. Patty with brains “Krymow” 60 gr


Eclair 90 gr

150 R. Kolejka 160 gr

150 R. Cupcake 50g

50 R. Profiterole 50 gr

99 R. Favorite cookies Levitan 100 gr

99 R. Biscuits for travelers ’s Embassy Plyos” (chocolate) 100 g

99 R. flan with fruit or berries 100 g

150 R. Classic honey 100 gr

150 R. Napoleon 100 gr

150 R. Black Prince 100 gr

150 R. Esterhazy 100 gr

150 p. 100 g snow Queen

150 R. Mousse with fresh berries 100 g

150 p. 100 g Poppy

199 p. Rustic cream sugar 60 gr

50 p. Cream sugar with nuts and seeds 100 g

99 R. Fragrant jam from wild meadow strawberries picked in part of Zilair region of Bashkortostan on the order of “Coffee Kuvshinnikova” 120/200 gr

199/350 R. Tartlets in the range of 1 PC.

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