Calorie Greek salad

Greek salad is a traditional dish in Mediterranean cuisine. Despite the simplicity of cooking, it is one of the most delicious and useful for health.

If you decide to lose weight with the good, the Greek salad is just what the doctor ordered. It does not contain any

meat products, so easily and completely digested by the stomach. The basic components of a classic Greek salad are: tomatoes, peppers, feta cheese, lettuce, olives, cucumber, olive oil and lemon. The people of Greece have collected all the gifts of nature in this wonderful dish.

Each of these products is a real storehouse of nutrients: tomatoes and peppers, for example, contain large amounts of vitamin A, is responsible for the youthfulness of our skin, bright eyes and shining hair; cheese contains large amounts of fats and proteins – essential components of healthy nails, hair and bones, lettuce is rich in vitamins And a, E and C, and olive oil, being a natural antioxidant can permanently save us from wrinkles.

Calorie Greek salad is only 82 calories per 100 grams, so it can be taken in any quantity and at any time of the day.

Recipe classic Greek salad:

To prepare this dish you will need:

1. Feta cheese (200 grams);

2. Fresh tomatoes (1-2 PCs);

3. Yellow pepper (1 PC.);

4. Cucumber

5. Olives pitted (10-12 PCs.);

6. Lettuce;

7. Lemon;

8. Olive oil;

9. Salt

All the ingredients are cut into small cubes ( slices), add a little olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and stir. Add a slice of lemon. Calorie Greek salad can be reduced (using refined olive oil) and increase (add mayonnaise).

Special attention should be paid to ensuring that all the ingredients were fresh. Some recipes include vinegar, pickled onions, dill, parsley, cilantro or Basil. In modern restaurants as part of you can meet and seafood: shrimp, oysters, crabs, etc. However, the Greeks adhere to the classic recipe, so on their tables you will hardly find any modifications.

Remember that you can always use your own products, creating a new kind of famous Greek salad.

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