Diet smoothies for weight loss recipes

Can I lose weight with smoothies? Of course Yes, if you choose foods that contribute to burning fat, accelerate the metabolism and burning calories. Excess weight will go away quickly and quietly, if you prepare smoothies properly, eat on time and with great pleasure.

Choose a dish that you love: smoothies — attractive, amazingly tasty and melting in the mouth — will give

a lot of positive emotions. And they, at the subconscious level, will return a slim body, easy gait, flight of the soul!

We do, bbw, don’t know how negative emotions disgusting destroy the outer and inner world of man? Delicious smoothies from fresh vegetables, juicy fruits and berries, spicy herbs – this is the real means to keep the body in good shape and always have a wonderful mood.

Choose healthy ingredients for smoothies

As you know, some biological substances contained in products, especially quickly activate metabolic processes, burn calories, prevent fat storage.

What ingredients to make smoothies? All fresh fruits and berries, vegetables and herbs rich in trace elements that accelerate the metabolism of cells, the most useful slimming are the following Goodies:

Lowers blood sugar, prevents the deposition of layers of fat. Eliminates toxins, strengthens the immune system and, of course, citrus scent is a burst of cheerfulness.

Wonderful famous burner reserves of fat cells. Stimulates the digestive process breaks down proteins, enriches the body of valuable enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Aromatherapy oils to carry the hormone of happiness and give it to people.


Accelerates blood circulation, making the most nutritious lunch quickly digested. No heaviness in the stomach, excess reserves in the waist and abdomen. Pungent spice — is life energy and lightness throughout the body.

Rich in fiber, active fissile substances. With smoothies from sour, fresh and sea Kale can be a few weeks to lose a few pounds. Does not appear unsatisfied hunger and, as a consequence, terrible mood. A surge of lightness and vivacity — that awaits you on the cabbage diet.

Reduces blood sugar, thereby eliminates the feeling of hunger. The aroma it gives a false feeling of fullness and accelerates metabolism. Berry smoothie with cinnamon is useful to anyone who has a fat tummy and constantly wants to eat.

Has an amazing ability to improve the blood, accelerate blood circulation. Red blood cells are hard tissues oxygen, so no harmful stocks is not formed in them, old fat disintegrate. Raspberry smoothie is one of the best for weight loss.

Wonderful purifier of all the body’s cells from harmful substances and parasites. And it is from their presence in the tissues often leaving the extra pounds out of the body.

Able to save not only fat, but also from stress. They regulate the level of glucose, causing saturation. Enrich energy for vitality.

Shoots or seeds, it increases the activity of metabolic process to such an extent that a quarter of the calories burned right at the time of its consumption. Vegetable smoothies with mustard, is a quick way to drop weight even with regular, non-diet food.

Low-fat dairy products

Rich in calcitriol. This hormone compels the cell to get rid of fat. In yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese has bacteria, normalizing the metabolism of carbohydrates and protein, with whose help quickly consumes the body fat cells.

Very important for weight loss. It includes more than 350 active elements, supporting human health. Honey shakes give weight loss without unpleasant consequences: otpisalsa and wrinkled skin folds.

Prepared foods

For speedy deliverance from the hated fat cushions some important features of the process of making smoothies. To all the active elements of the product began to work in full force, initially milled products:

1. Hard vegetables and fruits melcat on on a grater.

2. Mild ingredients cleanse from large seeds and peel, cut into slices.

3. Green herbs are very finely chopped.

4. Nuts and seeds must first be soaked, then chop.

Then take a blender or processor with a lid, put back the ingredients, mix 2-4 minutes. Dish, to the limit full of oxygen and ready.

Diet smoothies for weight loss: recipes. Cooking smoothies — cocktails and creams

Useful is a great dish that can be eaten with pleasure. There are some rules of cooking diet smoothies:

1. In a blender put only healthy and fresh food. Not valid fruits, vegetables with rotten barrels, watery berries, withered grass.

2. Ice cubes can be stolen and aroma, and taste, so for a cold smoothie is better to take a little frozen fruit.

3. So from a very thick smoothie to get the liquid, dilute it need no water, juice and fresh juice.

4. Sugar or substitutes in the food can not be put, the sweetness can be adjusted by a combination of sweet and sour ingredients. Pickle vegetable smoothies have as little as possible, or instead of salt to put laminaria.

5. Useful do not prepare smoothies from milk. To avoid problems with digestion, dish add only milk products.

Features diet for smoothies

1. Smoothies eat for Breakfast, lunch, tea and supper, as the dish is a complete meal and not a snack.

2. Prepare to eat a small spoon, so as not to swallow it in a hurry, and slowly to enjoy the sweet aromatic taste.

3. Smoothies with citrus or pineapple drink through a straw that does not damage tooth enamel.

4. In addition to smoothies be sure to eat lean boiled fish, meat, cereals, nuts, low-fat cheese varieties.

5. Cocktails and creams always replace only one or two meals, otherwise there will be unwanted physical and mental disorders.

6. Sick people, pregnant and lactating ladies on diet smoothies will only bring harm.

7. It is very important to do sports or just to move more in the fresh air.

10 best diet smoothies recipes cooking

3 Mandarin, a Cup of blueberries and 200 ml. of yogurt mixed in a blender for a smooth cream, add cinnamon. Blueberries, you can substitute any berries and add a touch of wild honey.

2. Prunes, yogurt and honey

4 pitted prunes, 200 ml of yogurt, a little honey and cinnamon, stir and serve with ice.

3. Raspberries, yogurt, milk

A Cup of raspberries, 200 ml yogurt,100 ml. of milk. The berries add to the blender after mixing the liquid and run it again for 2 minutes.

4. Cabbage, Apple juice, black currant

Cabbage chopped 2.5 cups Apple juice 1 Cup, 100 ml black currant. In a smoothie you can add 1 tsp of mustard seeds, they will give a taste of spice.

Spinach – a Cup, Apple, 250 ml. of water piece of ginger, a little lemon juice and honey, 1/2 avocado.

Apple, carrot, a piece of ginger root, the glass pieces sauerkraut, ½ Cup water, 1 tsp flax seed.

7. Kiwi, raspberry, pear

Kiwi – 2, raspberry – glass, pear – 2, pistachios — 10, honey –small spoon, water – 250 ml.

8. Cucumber, tomato, orange

Cucumber, tomato, orange, a sprig of arugula and mint.

9. Peach, banana, mango

Peach, half a banana, mango, bunch of spinach, 150ml of water.

10. Yogurt, pineapple, strawberries

Yogurt -250 ml. pineapple slices – Cup, strawberry — 6 PCs.

Smoothies can be prepared in the form of cocktails, which are analogous to the juice from the pulp, and more thick, with the consistency of soup — puree or slurry. The main secret of their excellent absorption is the process of cooking: with stirring in a blender products saturated with oxygen. All vegetarian smoothies – first aid for dieters.

Diet smoothies for weight loss recipes
Can I lose weight with smoothies? Of course Yes, if you choose foods that contribute to burning fat, accelerate the metabolism and burning calories. Excess weight will go away quickly…

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