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Along with coffee, tea and cocoa arrives all alone of the most beloved drinks daily million. What is the secret here – after all, drink cocoa owns where the lowest tonic effect, for this or that, for example, I love coffee in the morning. It turns out that the cocoa is not only extremely tasty, and need – it contains a great number of necessary substances to the body.

Cocoa powder keeps tonic substances – caffeine (younger than in coffee),

theophylline and theobromine, as well as the antidepressant phenylethylamine.

It is rich in protein (12,9 %), fatty acids that are part of the cocoa butter, normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood. Most in cocoa fiber and vitamins, inimitable folic acid (vitamin B9). Heterogeneous and mineral composition of cocoa. For some ingredients cocoa powder comes the champion, but by the content of iron and zinc it is possible to call in the middle of the head products. Zinc plays a major role in the life of the inhabitant of our planet. He is involved in the theory of almost all orders of magnitude of enzyme in the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), and without him was unbearable as usual cells. Zinc is necessary for the development and maturation of a planet. It supports blood circulation, and promotes wound healing. Daily need of an adult inhabitant of our planet in zinc composes 15 mg, for pregnant and lactating ladies dose corresponding to hobnob increased by 5 mg.

need a drink

As the drink is cocoa better to eat Breakfast or drink tea with honey and dried fruits. In addition, cocoa powder and chocolate keep the natural pigment melanin, or that possesses the ability to eat the thermo glimpses. It protects the skin from the action of ultraviolet polupryamykh, or that can cause sunburn, and the infrared polupryamykh arriving one of the reasons of overheating and sunstroke. Melanin stains the products, in particular is stored in the color black. Not counting the cocoa, he spit in coffee, black tea, prunes, blueberries, black grapes.

The inhabitants of the southern States usually drink the most coffee and eating a dark-colored fruits, replenishing the concentration of melanin, guarding the body against the harmful effect of polupryamykh the sun. Because, if you have a long time to spend in Equatorial countries, for maintenance of cancer include a personal diet mainly products that are rich in melanin, first the cocoa, coffee, chocolate. Cocoa keeps purine bases, or purines arriving integral fraction of nucleic acids, or that provide for the storage and transfer of genetic, hereditary, disk imaging and enroll a casual role in the biosynthesis of proteins, including proteins-enzymes.


All the process of exchange of substances in the cells narrowly connected with nucleic acids, and, consequently, with purines. A certain number of purines in the diet is one of the treaties healthy balanced feeding. But only a certain number! Excess purines in food, inimitable in violation of the exchange, accompanied by the deposition of specialized needle-like crystals in the cavities of the joints and urinary routes. This, at first, to be relevant to the purines, keeping in animal products (meat, offal, fish) and also yeast. Purines are included in plant products (coffee, cocoa, legumes), not so tricky. Almost all years was calculated that for kidney disease and gout cannot be eaten by chocolate and drinking cocoa. To assert that it is denied from those of the right products must not, we can talk only about their restriction in the diet.

What a delicious beverage it is possible to specialize from cocoa?

Cocoa classic

cocoa powder

In a Cup take 1 full teaspoon of cocoa powder. Cocoa is brewed with boiling water, stir thoroughly. Next, put a spoonful of honey and stir again. Add water and raise 2 teaspoons soy milk (better than the soulless) or 2 teaspoons of cream.


Two yolks pounded hot with a teaspoon of sugar. Later in the desirable consistency teaspoon of cocoa powder and stir again.

Hot chocolate

Three slices of bitter dark chocolate must be dissolved in a glass of hot water, bring to the boil and briefly (one minute) to cook on weak fire. Pour into a Cup and add a teaspoon of honey.

Chocolate Viennese

50 gram chocolate to dissolve in hot water (one hundred grams.) and cook, stirring constantly, until smooth, then cool. In a chilled consistency to enter the yolk, put on low heat or water bath and, while stirring, to warm up slightly, to approximately 70 degrees. To knock off heat and whisk with a spoon. Serve with whipped cream.

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