Ginger tea for pohudeniya

Ginger tea for weight loss. Ginger is a plant with an extensive list of useful properties. For example, it improves the digestive system, removes disorders of the digestive system, normalizes the level of cholesterol in the body, stimulates circulation, helps in the treatment of bronchial asthma . One of its invaluable properties is the improvement of metabolism, and consequently it promotes weight loss. So if Your goal is to get rid of extra pounds,

the ginger should be a frequent guest at Your table. This spicy – sweet spice can be added to various foods and also drink ginger tea . Ginger tea lately very popular, because it’s so nice to treat yourself to a Cup of tea and to lose excess calories!

Next, we present several variants of ginger tea.

The simplest and most common recipe is thinly slice a piece of ginger, pour boiling water in a thermos and drink throughout the day. If You follow a diet, you can drink at any time of the day. If You usually eat, it is best to consume about half an hour before eating, because ginger reduces appetite.

Finely slice the ginger, pour boiling water and simmer for about fifteen minutes. Then give the drink to cool to about forty degrees and add the lemon and honey. You can extend this recipe to the above components and add different herbs: mint, molasses, cranberries.

Add pieces of ginger in your usual green or black tea. Brew tea in the usual way, and add the ginger brew. You can add dry ginger in a tea pot. The effect will probably be slightly lower, but will anyway.

Ginger tea with garlic. To do this, take a little ginger (about the size of plums), cut into small pieces, peel two cloves of garlic. And pour it with boiling water (about 2 liters). Let the broth for about 30 minutes, then the ginger and garlic, remove and drink the prepared tea throughout the day.

It is believed that ginger tea has no contraindications . But still be careful if You have: kidney problems, high blood pressure, fever, allergies, heart — vascular diseases.

Start these pleasant procedure with one or two cups a day, gradually increasing the intake of ginger tea up to two liters per day. And don’t forget that tea is tea, and dosing consumption of pastries and sweets is still necessary.

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