Green tea


Green tea for quite some time was used only as a medicinal drink, but his fame and fairly widely adopted it much later.

Green tea is one of the oldest beverages in the world, but in Europe he appeared only in the seventeenth century. In

our time, almost all people prefer the natural sources of health, the popularity of green tea, this useful drink every year only increases.

Ongoing research in most cases show the benefits of green tea. But this is true only as long if a person uses no more than 3 cups of green tea throughout the day. If the number Ipatovo more harm from it outweigh the benefits!

So what is concluded, the harm to the green tea?

Green tea is in academic circles worldwide recognized medicine. He is very good in the prevention of various diseases and helps to alleviate the symptoms of existing ones.

Their positions ahead of the green tea pass cancer, stroke and diabetes. It is an excellent tool for those who wish to lose weight, increase your vitality and get rid of stress. But is it actually good green tea? Does drinking green tea any contraindications?

As it turned out, green tea in particular cases may be harmful. Here are some of them.

Caffeine in green tea.

It is estimated that in green tea ( 50 grams ) contains caffeine as much as one hundred grams of coffee. So, drinking coffee we can in larger quantities than green tea. Many people, however, have to caffeine (without knowing it), high sensitivity. And for sure You are one of these people, and hedgehog Lee after espitia couple of cups of green tea You notice some of the following symptoms: irritability, anxiety, hand tremor, trouble sleeping,rapid heart rate, upset stomach, loss of appetite,nausea, rash, “goose skin” or frequent urination.

Overdose of polyphenols and minerals.

In tea leaves concentrated from the soil and water minerals such as manganese, fluorine and aluminum. These minerals the body needs in very small amounts. But their large number is quite harmful and can cause intoxication of the whole organism. And if You drink green tea more than three cups a day, they will be accumulated in Your body for quite a long time.

In green tea also contains high quantities of polyphenols — tannins. They are antioxidants and useful in very small amounts. But if there is overdose of these substances – outmy blow on such an internal organ such as the liver, provided to You.

Side effects of green tea.

The Chinese drink your green tea for over 2000 years. Until around the year 600 of our era in China green tea was used as a daily drink, but only as a remedy!

To travo – treatment be approached with great care. And green tea ( and it also relates to medicinal plants). no exception! It is necessary not to abuse the drink, and it should be used in moderation.

Green tea can easily cause stomach upset, especially in people with a sensitive stomach mucosa. In no case do not drink green tea on an empty stomach! Also don’t drink hard having made it.

Green tea impairs the absorption of iron. And this may lead to undesirable consequence to iron deficiency anemia.

Besides, green tea and even worsens the absorption of folic acid. When pregnancy is particularly dangerous, because a growing fetus needs folic acid.

How useful green tea.

Green tea for health is very useful.Modern studies conducted in different international institutions, confirm the therapeutic properties of green tea and that its use will be an effective tool in the fight against various diseases. The composition of green tea consists of vitamins such as A, b, B2, C, and also a large number of trace elements and minerals.

It is scientifically proven that green tea:

1. increases the resilience of the human body to cold;

2. improves protection from harmful free radicals;

3. significantly reduces the body’s level cholesterol;

4. improves the functioning of the circulatory system;

5. helps reduce and normalize blood pressure;

6. helps in the treatment of diabetes, without increasing the level of sugar in the blood;

7. improves kidney function;

8. due to tanning substances which enter into its composition, has a positive effect on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract;

9. displays the body of toxins.

Consumption of green tea.

Numerous international medical centers claim that regular intake of green tea significantly reduced the risk of developing cancer (particularly cancer of the colon, lung, stomach. colon, rectum, skin, and pancreas). Due to the fact that the composition of green tea contains fluoride, this drink helps protect teeth from decay and prevents various diseases of the gums and oral cavity.

It is recommended to drink green tea and increased mental and physical exertion, because it significantly improves memory,calms the nerves and increases concentration. Catechins contained in green tea have anti-aging of cells in our body and neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals.

The list of positive effects of green tea on the human body can be quite long. On approval of the same Japanese green tea heals sixty-one disease and is one of the secrets of their national longevity.

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