Green tea

benefits-of-green-tea-08-pg-fullLovely drink, tonic and aromatic, giving courage and strength, known to one and all. green tea.

How useful green tea? About it says a lot and ambiguous.

Useful properties of green tea have attracted people from time immemorial. An interesting fact is that green tea is a beverage that contains a series of vitamins and minerals. useful to humans. This drink contains vitamins C, e, K, P, PP, and vitamin C in tea more than regular orange. Such trace elements. as potassium, fluoride, copper, iodine, zinc. found in green tea, are involved in many physiological and cellular processes of the human

body. Useful medicinal properties of garlic. as well as the properties of green tea, are beneficial to our bodies only if we correctly used the mentioned beverage.

In addition, green tea scientists have discovered the high content of catechins and tannin (several times higher than its content in the black tea) that inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Many Eastern peoples green tea is used as an antioxidant, protecting the body from free radicals. In many Eastern countries, such as China and Japan, this kind of tea is kind of an elixir of health.

Because green tea has good cleansing properties, it is effective in the case of chemotherapy or radiation sickness. Cholesterol and fat under the influence of green tea are rapidly degraded, so this drink is recommended to drink for weight loss. And green tea is an excellent tool for strengthening the walls of blood vessels, prevent heart disease and cerebral vessels. Green tea lowers pressure. that is quite a positive effect on hypertensive patients. Some people believe that this drink is also a “potion of youth”, because it slows down aging and prevents atherosclerosis.

In addition, tea quenches thirst, but also charges your body with the necessary energy. Green tea, unlike chenago, you can drink cold without fear of harmful deposits.

Wonderful features, isn’t it? However, there is also a different view on green tea and its effects on the body.

Green tea you can drink is not all as there are some contraindications to its use. So green tea is contraindicated in some forms of gastritis, diseases of the duodenum, and gastric ulcer. The intake of green tea can cause in such patients heartburn or increased pain in your stomach or intestines. To limit the consumption of green tea is also during pregnancy.

Given that green tea is a stimulating drink, it is not recommended to drink before bedtime. Especially strong brewed green tea. If you are several times a day to drink strong green tea, you can cause some sleep disturbance. Please note that green tea increases pressure. It is important to know that only moderate drinking this drink will benefit you.

So, if green tea – up to you! After all, how many times a day to drink and how much, will depend on the answer to the main question: “Green tea benefit or harm?”

One has only to remember the words of Hippocrates, whose oath now repeat all medical doctors: “In a spoon, a medicine in a Cup of poison!” Remember this, and good health.

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