Green tea

Green tea, also known as Chinese tea, made from leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Green tea benefits known since time immemorial. Green tea is a storehouse of antioxidants and other nutrients, one Cup of this drink strengthens the immune system.

The fact is that green tea is usually prepared from unfermented leaves (unlike black and red), the preparation of green tea is carried out by weathering and steaming the leaves. This minimal processing helps to preserve the nutritional value of tea.

Green tea – benefit or harm?

Green tea has been used since ancient times for the treatment of several diseases. The Chinese used this drink as a medicinal product within the last 4000 years. About find out here green tea Chinese Puer tea price is affordable and the quality is the best! Currently green tea available in the form of the extract, and even in pill form.

Green tea – health benefits

Green tea is a rich source of natural antioxidants, such as catechin, polyphenols and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These antioxidants fight free radicals in the body that cause a number of health disorders.

– One of the benefits of green tea is that it strengthens the immune system and fights against various allergies and infections.

– Another benefit of green tea – weight loss. Green tea acts as a natural purifier of the colon, it helps eliminate toxic waste from the body. It also increases the rate of metabolism.

– Daily consumption of green tea is known to aid in the fight against various types of cancer. Green tea inhibits abnormal growth and multiplication of cells in the body. The polyphenols found in green tea destroy cancer cells.

Green tea is also helpful in combating diabetes, diseases of the heart and liver, inflammatory bowel disease and many other diseases.

Green tea prevents acne, dry skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Treats sunburns and skin rashes .

Green tea fights allergies. Japanese researchers found that the antioxidants present in tea, is a barrier to the biochemical processes involved in the initiation of allergic reactions.

– Rinse your hair with green tea is also extremely useful. This procedure prevents dandruff and psoriasis, strengthens the roots, stimulates hair growth.

Calories in green tea

The amount of calories in green tea is 0. Yes, it’s true! This means that you can drink as much green tea as you want. It should, however, remember that if you add sweetener to your tea, the calories will increase.

Consumption of green tea increases the metabolic rate. The metabolic rate is the speed at which our body burns calories. 3-4 cups of green tea a day can increase metabolic rate by 4%. Green tea contains chemicals called catechins and polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties and also act as metabolism accelerators. These chemicals increase the number of calories burned in the body, thereby promoting weight reduction.

Nutritional value of green tea

So, in 100 ml of green tea contains: 0.2 g carbohydrates and protein, 27 mg potassium (to regulate water balance, blood pressure and cardiovascular activity), 3 mg of sodium (to stimulate muscle contractions), 3 mg of calcium (for healthy bones and teeth), 2 mg of magnesium (for energy production), a small amount of copper (0.01 mg), iron (0.2 mg) and manganese (0.31 mg).

Green tea is rich in vitamin A, C, D, E, H, K, and Riboflavin or B2 (0.05 mg), Niacin or B3 (0.2 mg), Pantothenic acid or B5 (0.04 mg), B6 (0.01 mg) and folic acid.

So, you are still in doubt whether green tea? This wonderful drink is not just refreshing, calming, uplifting, but also brings health benefits. Even if you don’t like this drink or never tried it, I hope that after reading our article, will include green tea in your daily diet. Be healthy!

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