Green tea – benefits of green tea and harm

Where to get black tea leaves are subjected to long fermenting, with a minimum of fermentation is obtained green tea. Its scent is very intense, bright, but at the same time in the East thin. Especially in the East the tradition of drinking green tea is very durable, because since ancient times it was considered to be “living water”, health-promoting. In the West understand the benefits of green tea and gradually replace them with black tea. The

most noble and elite kinds of green tea to this day are grown in mountainous Chinese provinces.

Useful properties of green tea

The main beneficial effect of green tea on human – metabolism improvement. Its normalization occurs so that the body is able to burn excess fat instead of accumulate. This is the main reason that green tea is particularly recommended by nutritionists as a means for weight loss. Known useful properties such as acceleration of deducing of toxins and cleansing the body, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, normalization of pressure and lowering the heat. Together with green tea the body gets a large set of vitamins and minerals, but the positive effect of the drug is possible only if purchased fresh quality tea.

Damage green tea

Despite the benefits, the abuse of green tea you can also harm the body. Too frequent tea drinking large portions of tea can lead to kidney disease or even the accumulation of stones. Will deteriorate and the liver as a result of accumulation of polyphenols, they are useful in small quantities, and increased able to literally poison the body.

Contraindications and restrictions for green tea

In the event of hypotension and problems with the cardiovascular system it is not recommended to drink lots of green tea, because it will lead to abnormal heart rhythm, will cause additional pressure drop. Worsen heartburn, there will be pain and cramping in the case of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. During lactation, women are allowed to drink only a little labsafety tea.

Green tea buy, price

Now you can find a huge amount of green tea, like fine wines, and simple for daily consumption. When you select it is best to be guided by personal preferences.

Characteristics and composition of green tea

The tannins and caffeine in green tea is low. In such small quantities, these substances invigorate and contribute to the improvement of mental activity. Often in China, green tea is consumed before the meal, since it further enhances the digestive process. This discoveredthey tea contains huge amounts of antioxidants that slow the aging process and cancer development. He also supplies the body with essential minerals: potassium, iodine, copper, zinc. It is a rich source of vitamins C1, B1, B2, PP.

Green tea has a delicate aroma and refreshing taste. When brewing green tea, mentally floating around the Chinese slopes of hills, on which it is grown. The taste is good green tea is slightly sweet with a subtle flavor pleasant bitterness. Different varieties of radically different taste and aroma. But whatever green tea you choose, it has a calming relaxing effect.

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