Green tea lowers blood

The properties of green tea: lowers blood pressure or increases


People suffering from such diseases as hypertension forced to maintain blood pressure in the help of pharmaceutical drugs. And their frequent reception, as it is known, affects the stomach and gastrointestinal function in General. To avoid possible complications is possible if instead of pills every day to drink tea that lower and normalize blood pressure? But what . Black or green tea lowers blood pressure? And how much should be consumed?

Green tea for hypertension

Scientists still argue about the effects of green tea on BP. Some argue that it is able to reduce it, while others believe that such an assertion is fundamentally wrong. So how this tool affects the cardiovascular system?

Years of research, European scientists have shown that due to contained in this drink is catechin, he is able to gently reduce pressure, eliminate tinnitus and headache, which often occurs with hypertension. It was noted that eating 3 cups of green tea a day leads to improvement in patients with hypertension and gradual normalization of blood pressure.

But scientists from China and Japan claim the opposite, that black tea on the contrary increases the pressure. This product contains a lot of caffeine, which has a stimulant effect on the body and stimulates the heart, whereby the amount of blood pumped increases. Besides caffeine promotes vasodilation, which in principle does not allow to lower the pressure. Therefore a foregone conclusion that green tea lowers blood pressure.

Black tea for hypertension

Black tea is loved by many and are happy to drink two or more cups per day. And no wonder, as it contains huge amount of vitamin C, which enhances the protective forces of the organism. In addition, scientists have proven that this drink:

stabilizes the stomach;

normalizes metabolism;

protects tooth enamel and prevents autoxidation;

strengthens the skeleton.

But how it affects the HELL? Increases or, conversely, contributes to its reduction?

Scientists say that caffeine contained in black tea in large quantities, exciting acts on the body and greatly increases the pressure. After all, this drink still contains ingredients of caffeine type paraxanthine, hypoxanthine and others, also contributed to the increase. HELL. So a mug of strong black tea will be useful only for those who suffer from hypotonia. But high blood pressure from this drink should be abandoned.

However, Australian scientists with this dissenting opinion. They conducted their research, in which it was proved that a Cup of weak black tea 2 – 3 cups contributes to a decrease in blood pressure, and hypertension is an excellent means for relieving of symptoms of the disease.

So there is also no definite answer. But you should not rely on the wonderful properties of this drink and try using neg to relieve the pressure. Better to replace it with another tool, more effective in this area.

Hibiscus for hypertension

Hibiscus – this drink has a rich red color and distinctive taste. Unlike green and black tea, hibiscus very rarely appears on our tables. And it is a very bad thing. As this drink is extremely beneficial for the body. He:

strengthens blood vessels;

improves liver;

normalizes the digestive tract;

reduces the manifestation of allergic reactions;

is an excellent vermifuge;

reduces the appearance of spasms;

has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.

Receiving hibiscus in 2 – 3 cups a day helps prevent the development of many diseases, including cancer.

And how it affects the HELL? Here scientists have proved the twofold influence of the drink on the body. It allows you to cope with symptoms and hypertension, and hypotension. How? It’s very simple.

Hot hibiscus increases the pressure, and cold reduces. The secret of the drink contained in the anthocyanins, which normalize heart function and protect blood vessels from free radicals. Thus, lowering the pressure hibiscus also helps strengthening cardiovascular system.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that to lower blood pressure safely and effectively can only hibiscus cold. From other beverages with hypertension should be avoided.

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