Hot chocolate homemade

What a pleasure on a rainy, cold Sunday to sit in a chair with a mug of hot chocolate! Approaching winter, and after winter and the New year, who would refuse a nice Cup of hot chocolate in the new year’s eve! Chocolate often saves our spirits, and a Cup of hot chocolate makes us smile. From the history of chocolate we know is the first thing people tried cocoa beans, was a drink. It was thought that hot chocolate was the drink of the gods, it was used in sacred


Chocolate is something that speaks to us of childhood. This is the strongest nostalgic magnet. Roald Dahl ( author of Charlie and the chocolate factory”) is perfectly able to penetrate the children’s imaginations. Maybe it’s just that the chocolate takes us back to a time when the world can be repaired with the help of chocolate. In my family it’s tradition, bad weather, not in the mood, or just want something sweet, I make hot chocolate.

Chocolate saves from depression, it refers to its chemical composition, but chocolate has its own mystery, the mystery. And this is because the chocolate moves us to where we are not.

About the history of the origin of the miracle of the cocoa beans we already have an article Chocolate as a sweet way of life. which is described in detail, the history, the benefits and harms of chocolate. We also have article Best chocolate, as well as unusual items from chocolate. But I love hot chocolate, I decided to dedicate a whole article, so I will share some recipes of this wonderful drink

Only in 1847 invented the chocolate bar. Prior to this period, chocolate was always a drink. Drink from the fruit of the cacao tree in its original form (it should be noted, very remotely resembling the modern chocolate). But this drink was born. There are many legends about the origin of this drink

In the tomb of a Maya ruler, found in Guatemala, there were a lot of ceramic vessels containing the remains of a drink from cacao beans. However, it wasn’t hot chocolate with which we are familiar today. Their recipe was simple: cocoa beans fine grind, chili and water. In other recipes they added wine, honey, cloves. After all, now we just add the spices in this drink.

The Mayans and Aztecs drank chocolate in healing, and as an aphrodisiac. It strengthens the body. Soon, when this recipe came to Spain, local chefs found, this drink is bitter, and have begun to change various components, such as sugar, rice, cinnamon, anise seed and black pepper. But it’s still not the drink that I used to drink we. Chocolate was the drink of royals, aristocrats and wealthy merchants; the beans were so valuable that it was used as currency.

How to make hot chocolate? The easiest and most delicious of this miracle:

Ingredients: butter, milk, cocoa powder, vanilla, cream.

Heat butter in pot, add milk, separately bred in a Cup of cocoa with milk until smooth, after boiling the milk, add the cocoa mass in Turku,then some vanilla, sugar and a long time getting all mixed up in Turku. After hot chocolate whipped cream. Pour hot chocolate in a beautiful mug, top with cream and enjoy this wonderful drink.

So I prepared my hot chocolate, on the Internet there are a huge variety of hot chocolate recipes. For example, instead of butter add sour cream instead of cocoa tiles of dark chocolate. In most recipes add cinnamon or other spices.

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