Hot drinks tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate

Tea. To make the drink of tea it is recommended to use porcelain teapots.

The rules of brewing tea. Porcelain teapot rinsed with boiling water, heating it, and then put a dry tea at a rate for a certain number of cups, pour boiling water for about 1/3 of the volume of the kettle, close the lid, cover with a towel, allow the tea to steep for 5-10min. Then poured a kettle of boiling water. Green brick tea before brewing is ground.

Do not boil tea or long hold on the stove, you cannot add the dry tea is brewed.

Brewed tea has the taste and aroma for hours.

Brewed tea. To tea can offer a wide range of confectionery and bakery products: candy, chocolate, gingerbread, cakes, cookies, pies, etc. When serving the Cup of tea is put in the Cup holder and the Cup is on a saucer, on which put a teaspoon.

Tea with sugar . Tea is best served refined sugar crushed, molded and extruded. Can offer and sugar, serve it on the outlet or in a vase.

Tea with lemon . Lemon scald, and then cut into slices with zest. It is served on the outlet of the sludge in the bowl, sprinkled with sugar.

Tea with milk or cream. Hot milk or cream served in a creamer or jug.

Tea with jam, honey, jam. Jam, honey, marmalade served in bowls with dessert spoon. Each appliance I put a separate outlet.

Cold tea. Iced tea served with lemon, sugar and pieces of food ice.

Coffee. There are several ways of cooking and coffee brewing. To brew coffee using a special pan – Turks, coffee pots or special coffee makers.

Natural black coffee. The pot or pan rinsed with boiling water, pour normal coffee powder, pour boiling water, bring to the boil, but not boil. After that, coffee advocate, filtered, poured into the pot or poured directly into the cups, glasses, and serve. Released on 100, 150, 200ml.

Oriental coffee. In Turku sprinkled finely ground coffee, all the sugar according to the norm, pour cold water, heated to boiling (lather), but do not allow to boil. Coffee is poured into small coffee Cup without straining the grounds. Separately served cold boiled water. In a Cup, you can add a few drops of water to the sediment settled faster.

Coffee with milk. Brewed coffee is very concentrated, strain, pour in the boiling milk and bring to a boil. Served in coffee pots, separately in a vase – refined sugar.

Viennese coffee. Cream (fat content of not less than 35%) is cooled, add icing sugar and whisk. Brewed black coffee, add sugar and again bring to a boil. In cups or glasses with a capacity of 250ml coffee is poured not to the top and put the whipped cream.

Coffee in Warsaw. The milk is poured into the pan, put in the oven, several times removed the foam, which is cut into pieces. Brewed black coffee with half amount of water, strain it, add sugar, melted milk remaining from the preparation of foams, the coffee is allowed to boil, and then pour into cups or glasses and put on top of the foam.

Black coffee with ice-cream (iced). In a prepared black coffee add sugar, cooled to 8-10ºC, pour into glasses and put a scoop of ice cream.

Cocoa with milk. Cocoa powder mixed with sugar, add a little boiling water (100-150 ml per 1 liter of the drink), well stirred and while stirring pour in the rest of the hot milk and bring to a boil.

Serve cocoa in a glass or Cup. You can apply cocoa with whipped cream.

Cocoa with egg yolks. Egg yolks pound with sugar and while stirring gradually diluted cocoa made with milk or cream, cooled to 35 to 40ºC. Then the drink is heated, not boiling, lightly beat and pour into cups.

Cocoa with ice cream. Prepare cocoa with milk and sugar, cooled, poured into cups or glasses and put ice cream on top.

Chocolate. To make the drink using chocolate powder, which is different from cocoa powder high fat content, or finished chocolate bars, crumbled or shredded on a grater.

Chocolate with milk. Powdered chocolate mixed with sugar, diluted with a small amount of boiling water and topped up with hot milk. If using bar chocolate sugar take less.

Chocolate with whipped cream. Homemade chocolate is cooled, poured into cups or glasses, on top put whipped with sugar and powdered cream (35% fat).

Chocolate iced with liquor. The finished chocolate is cooled to 10-14ºC, poured the liquor, put on top of whipped cream.

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