How to cook a hodgepodge team

Of these, we will prepare a real hodgepodge team . you will appreciate all of your Pets, especially men, because after the meal they want to eat what be hot to sour. Certainly better put to boil broth at a time until you strive and prepare meals for the holiday. The meat is slowly cooked for you to do their business.

How to cook the broth

The broth is better to boil in an enamelled saucepan. Starting to cook the broth, cover pot and bring water to a boil as soon as possible, and then reduce the heat. To meat preserved more nutrients, immerse it in cold and in boiling water. The broth will be more robust, if you lay the meat from the bones separated.

How to cook oatmeal

Grain select only fresh and properly visible. Defective and damaged grain must be removed. Then groats thoroughly washed several times.

The basics of welding electrodes for beginners

It’s been several hundred years since humans first joined the two metal surfaces together using a process of melting a metal rod with the help of electric current. This rod is an electrode.

The composition of the electrode and its value

Making coffee in the Turk: a detailed manual with useful tips

Turk or cezve?

Actually right this container is called a cezve, and derives this name from the Arabic dialects. A “Turk” is used in the Russian language, because in our country this method of cooking coffee came from Turkey. In any case, this is a special vessel, resembling a ladle with a long handle and is made of metal.

How to make coffee

For cooking it is advisable to take a copper pot, since it maintains a uniform temperature, and with a narrow neck. A little warm it over the fire.

The quantity and quality of grains used have a direct impact on the richness and flavor characteristics of the beverage.

Useful tips and lifehacks

3. Mixing ratio cocoa: 2 liters of milk need to take 6 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 4 tablespoons of sugar.

4. When cocoa was removed from the heat, not cooling, is poured into cups or glasses and serve with crackers, cookies, biscuits and muffins.

How to Brew Coffee in Turku

Brew delicious coffee difficult, and properly prepare coffee in Turku, not everyone can. There are many nuances that must be considered to make a truly great Cup of coffee. It is considered that the best coffee is prepared in a cezve.

How to cook meat (beef)

Foam not much, but still, it should be removed to ready the meat was covered with unkempt cereal.

Once the broth comes to a boil, diminish the heat to low and sprinkle with salt.

Cook under closed lid. This is important for two reasons.

How to cook tasty rice — recipes

After that is taken saucepan with double or thick bottom. There poured two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Once the oil begins to boil, reduce the fire, pour back the Cup of washed rice, stir so that each grain was in the oil and then fill with water – about 1.5 — 1.8 glass on the amount of rice.

How to cook borsch with beets and meat

This unique vegetable promotes blood formation, prevents blood clots, lowers blood pressure, strengthens blood vessels, reduces cholesterol in the blood, it cleanses the kidneys, liver, gallbladder.

There are two ways to prepare beets to add to the soup:

Stewing beet.

How to cook rice

It is important to observe the proportions of cereals and water is 1:2. That is, for 1 Cup of rice you need to take 2 cups of water. Now that both components in the pot and on the stove, need a little salt and add the vegetable oil – just a few drops.

How to cook cocoa.

In a pot in which to boil the cocoa, it is necessary to pour a small amount of water, so that the bottom was completely covered. Once the water boils, you should pour into a saucepan the milk.

How to brew coffee in Turku

How to brew coffee in Turku

Gradually we describe how to brew coffee in Turku

— Put Turku on fire and slightly warm the bottom;

— Sprinkle ground coffee beans (about 2 teaspoons with the top of the ground coffee for 100 — 150 grams of water);

— Immediately add sugar to taste;

Pour cold water.

Instruction on how to properly cook rice for sushi

Rice vinegar-5 tablespoons salt-1 teaspoon sugar-2 tablespoons rice-700 grams, water-750 ml.

How to cook sushi rice:

Preparation products

Rinse the rice in running water, flush should be about ten times that the water was transparent.

How to cook beans

– Rinse beans. As follows: beans laid out in a colander and carefully washed under a plentiful stream of cold, running water.

– After this, the beans should be soaked for approximately 8 hours, even better overnight. Here’s how: in a saucepan laid rinsed beans and filled with water.

How to brew coffee in Turku? 0 comments

I love your morning start with a Cup of freshly brewed coffee, which gives me energy for the whole day. And if earlier I drank instant coffee, but now I prefer to cook it from natural coffee beans. Drink natural coffee has a good aroma and pleasant taste. So today I want to share with you how to brew coffee in Turku.

How to cook the condensed milk in a Bank

There is a tinge too it would seem more dark. This condensed milk is often used to create the filling for this dessert, like nuts with condensed milk. Three to four hours condensed milk cooked those who prefer a very thick appearance and dark color.

How to make coffee

I not add ground cinnamon and a stick.And usually I make a cappuccino with a La carte cream (those little 10 pieces sold), they have 10% fat and therefore cap well pulled apart a few favorite recipes. 1.

How to cook jellied fish?

Before you cook jellied fish, use kitchen shears to remove from the head of the fish gills, otherwise the soup will be bitter and not tasty. Fish waste are washed in water and wipe with a cloth or RUB off the salt.

From fish waste (head, tail, skeleton fish) are cooked in the broth. As soon as it begins to boil, put the vegetables, salt, herbs (mint, tarragon).

How to cook rice for sushi

One of the dishes that has become firmly rooted in our diet, are the land. Of course, it is much easier to come to the cafe or restaurant and order this dish, but agree that we do not always have the time and financial opportunity to visit the school and spend an hour and a half for a dinner of sushi. Therefore, more and more people are learning to cook this dish at home and usually encounter a number of technological difficulties.

Jellied any marine fish

There also add peeled fresh carrots are small and clean the onions, they are best cut into several parts. Put on fire, bring to boil and then to a very low heat simmer for about one hour.

How to cook hodgepodge

Also each chef has his own recipe. The only constant factor is the time of cooking.

The cooking time

In order to cook delicious soup, you need to spend about thirty minutes if you already have a ready-made broth.

How to cook squid

In a separate saucepan boil the water. Add water, salt, Bay leaf, peppercorns. In boiling water one by one dip the squid. First, lower one. Quickly count to ten and remove the squid with a slotted spoon. Wait until the water boils again, lower the next squid.

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