How to cook cocoa with milk

Today my topic — cooking. And I’ll tell you how you can easily improve your mood on a cloudy day or ICP — just boil cocoa with milk.

First, some boring information about cocoa, which you probably know. But still write it for those who don’t eat chocolate or cocoa, afraid to hurt

the figure.

Cocoa contains a lot of nutrients. Not listing all 300, I will say who cocoa and chocolate useful:

Women — in cocoa contains serotonin and other substances that have an antidepressant effect. what is important for PMS and other hormonal surges in the body

Sportsme us — a cold drink cocoa is the best way to recuperate after a heavy physical activity and exercise — even better than the special energy drink for athletes. (it’s not my idea, read on Wikipedia )

Patients with stomach ulcer — in cocoa contains a substance which promotes the healing of wounds, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, restore skin cells.

Well, enough boring scientific information, and that my husband blamed for it)

It is clear that cocoa — useful, but still delicious! Personally, I will never forget the taste of cocoa in the kindergarten and the school! Vkusnoteevo. I, as a fan of recipes that cause any associations and memories (and food substitute store-bought counterparts, as for example, carrots-Korean at home or mayonnaise ). I will share with you today a recipe of cocoa with milk . to which I came at once. Tried with condensed milk, and water, and so, and so. Until I developed this recipe delicious cocoa as a child.

And so it begins!

Here are the products we’ll need for one serving:

cocoa powder — 1 tsp.

milk — 1 Cup (mug 300 ml)

sugar — 1,5 tsp (more)

It is important that semi-dry store-bought cocoa (usually children) does not fit us. Need a definitely normal natural cocoa powder. Just ground cocoa. It is more and cheaper at times. Looking at the ingredients:

2. Meanwhile in a dry Cup, add 1 tsp. cocoa and 1.5 tsp of sugar. Mix them properly:

3. And our milk is getting a little heated, but not boiled. In the cocoa mixture with the sugar, pour half the quantity of warm milk. Now you need to carefully stir the mixture with the milk to the cocoa distributed by volume. Run the spoon along the bottom and edges:

4. Pour semi-cocoa back into the pot and bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring frequently. It will take 1-1,5 minutes. Appeared only foam, and bubbles — all cocoa ready!

Voila, super drink is ready! No passarotti weather now we are not scary! For me the most the one-giving drink. When you are sad, or rainy in the shower, I cook it, imagine yourself as a child, I remember some funny stories of childhood and warm heat) and serotonin)))

It is possible to share with you one such story?

He remembered, as went with his brothers in the woods for mushrooms in a drizzle — thought over. Go, and the rain never ceases. I stood under the trees to wait out — not hunting to get wet. The rain increases. We stood waiting, already sitting)). The rain even more))) Finally decided to come back. As they walked back, the rain started, we have what is called wet to the skin. Through! Water was poured even in rubber boots! BUT. Can be used to relish to walk through puddles. We almost swam in them) what? Still wet-it))

And then came home, mom smiled, put us in a dry, warm))) Cool)) and you Share your childhood memories. Will Polybase together))

By the way, decided to practice in the photos. Here’s a still life turned out: how are you?))

Successful you cocoa jam.

Coming soon article from the new heading «Patter». Don’t miss out! Baby pearl waiting for us)

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