How to prepare ginger tea is TASTY

Recipe of ginger tea from the island of Bali

We need 2 fresh ginger root, each about the size of a palm. Ginger root this size — not young, but old root. We like this and want to get the strength and charm. We only need the old root, and not spoiled. How to buy good ginger? There are wonderful tips at the end of the article the BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES of GINGER! All show and tell simply and clearly.

The ginger needs to be peeled and RUB on the track. Float should not be

large, and preferably the smallest.

Now squeeze through the strainer of grated ginger juice.

Further 200 ml of ginger juice mixed with water in an amount of 600 ml. If you get less juice, add water in a ratio of 1 part juice and 3 parts water.

All this put on the heat and bring to the boil.

Then add 1 tablespoon of honey (the original recipe brown sugar). Stir and switch off.

Tea is very tasty and very spicy (as in European resident). But this tea will help you to experience all the beneficial properties of ginger:

get rid of a cold;

will remove problems with piwiarnia etc.

Ginger tea for nausea and against toxicity

How to make ginger tea quickly? Boil 300 ml of water.

In boiling water need to throw rind of 1 lemon. Skins should be cut off in a circle to cut the white rind.

Pour chopped into slices ginger 3-4 cm from the root.

Boil for 3-4 minutes, turn off and add 1 tablespoon of honey.

Drink this tea cold! You can even add pieces of ice.

Morning sickness also helps pumpkin, useful for morning sickness in early pregnancy.

Ginger tea recipe with cream

This recipe of tea — a close relative of the famous drink called tea oil. On the one hand it may seem that this tea is not as sharp as prepared according to the classic recipe, but it is the combination of ginger and milk (or cream as in our version), makes this drink a fighter with excess weight. How? Tea for this recipe reduces appetite. Ginger by itself reduces appetite and is very useful for weight loss. and then there’s the cream of tea – just super! If you read the Internet for information about green tea with milk, you will find that this drink is recommended to reduce appetite.

So, we need:

grated ginger — 1 heaped teaspoon

water — 2 cups

green tea — 1 packet

cream (or milk fat) — 1/2 Cup

honey (or sugar) to taste

Ginger clean and three on a grater. Here, I’ll tell you a secret! Usually it is hard to do because of the fibers that prevent grater. To avoid this, put the ginger in 30-40 minutes in the freezer. After freezing, rubbing will be very easy.

Now grated ginger put in a tea strainer. I have a special quadratische. At any what you have. If there is no strainer in modern supermarkets now sell special bags for brewing portioned loose tea. They are very cheap and very convenient.

Now in the teapot pour the boiling water and drop in there:

a bag of green tea;

strainer with grated ginger.

Allow to infuse for 5-7 minutes.

Now, combine in a large kettle brewed ginger and preheated cream (or tachypacing milk).

Anti-inflammatory Brazilian ginger tea

This tea recipe is very good for pain, especially related to the digestive system. It’s a mix of the famous Golden milk turmeric and ginger tea. Works very gently!

1 teaspoon finely grated ginger (pre-cleaned)

1 teaspoon turmeric

1 teaspoon butter (real, not spread)

In soft butter at room temperature add turmeric and ginger and RUB to a paste.

Heated 1 Cup of milk and add 1/2 teaspoon of the cooked pasta. For taste, add honey (to make it sweet).

Original ginger tea for colds

We need:

water — 4 cups

ginger (peeled and grated) — 1/4 Cup

lemon juice — 1/2 teaspoon

parsley finely chopped — of the stem 2

garlic — 1 clove

So this is a very extravagant tea, but very effective in the epidemic of flu or just a cold.

All the ingredients you need to pour in water and put to boil.

Bring to a boil, make a small fire and cook for about 5 minutes.

Remove from heat, add lemon juice and honey and stir until dissolved.

Tea definitely need to strain through a sieve and then pour into the kettle.

Recipe of ginger tea for headaches


water — 4 cups

ginger — 4-5 cm

black tea bags — 3 pack

cardamom — 3-4 PCs

milk — 1/4 Cup

sugar to taste

The combination of ginger and cardamom works well for headaches.

Water bring to boil and add:

finely grated peel ginger;

rubbed in a mortar with peel cardamom.

Boil need 5-7 minutes. Ginger is releasing their juices will gradually change the colors of the baud to soft yellow.

Add sugar and boil for another 1-2 minutes. Simmer on the fire, so as to barely barely noticeable bubbling.

Add milk and another 1-2 minutes.

Pour right into a Cup.

But this recipe is one amazing secret. In the original, added almond milk. If you prepare this tea with almond milk, you just can’t not to try this drink again and again. Almond milk is added to tea without boiling, the kettle off and poured almond milk. How to cook almond milk?

How to cook almond milk to ginger tea?

We will need:

almonds raw — 200 grams

sugar — 100 grams (or honey 80 grams)

water — 1 liter

First of all, the almonds need to peel. For this purpose it is necessary to pour boiling water and let stand for 30 minutes. After that, the skin will separate very easily. And now purified (raw) almonds we pour water so that the water fully covers the almonds. so it needs to stand for 4 hours.

After 4 hours, the water drain off.

Soaked almonds, put in a blender and add 300 ml of water. Water can be taken raw, but clean. Because almond milk is used immediately.

Whisk for 2-3 minutes until a homogeneous mass. Then add the remaining water — 700 ml. And beat for another 1-2 minutes.

Whipped almond milk you need to filter it through cheesecloth. What you will have in marl — you can dry it in the oven and add to the pastry.

Here and ready our super tasty almond milk. Don’t forget that ginger tea need to add milk and boil.

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