Orange hot chocolate with vanilla cream

Well, finally we have started winter! On Saturday even the sun came out for the first time in several months. I really like these winter moments – when you do not need to rush anywhere, on the street, snow and frost, and you’re sitting at home in the warmth of the large window, and so becomes a cozy and good. And really want to cook something cozy and warming. For example, hot chocolate. No, not just cocoa. And not even just hot chocolate. But something quite unusual, which is never and nowhere had not tried. For example, orange. Hmm. and how to do it – do not add the same orange juice, in fact. But then I thought – no need add anything anywhere. You can simply flavored creamer. It’s just the perfect way to get drink every taste – even ginger, mint though. I want orange. Really want. That’ll make now yourself

a Cup and sit down to write a letter to Santa Claus. Really want the new year to receive a gift of a new camera. And like with Santa Claus already fixed it πŸ™‚

Actually I’ve done a bunch of pictures of the cooking process of hot chocolate. But in some strange way, they all disappeared from my computer, after I cleared the memory card. Managed to save only one ( not the best). But in fact the process is so simple that I’m not sure you need step by step photos. So,

Take 1 orange, cut away with him peel – only the upper part. It’s good to make with a vegetable peeler. Pour cream into a small pot. I take cream with 10%. You can take and 20%. More, I think, does not make sense. Heat the cream with the zest and bring almost to the boil. Leave to cool and infuse in a covered.

Meanwhile, Melaka smash the chocolate bar and place in a bowl – to mix. There also pour a teaspoon or two of sugar – like love. Now you need to mix the cream and chocolate to a state of smooth emulsion. This can be done in two ways. First, you have to heat the cream almost to a boil, some cream, pour over chocolate, let stand for two to three minutes and a good stir. And secondly, you can melt the chocolate separately in a water bath or in the microwave (careful not to overheat), and mix with warm cream (cream and chocolate must be the same temperature). In both cases, stir with a whisk until a homogeneous smooth emulsion and dilute the remaining cream to taste.

And now for aesthetes. Cut the vanilla pod in half. With a knife scrape the seeds, mash them with a spoon of sugar. Separately, whip the heavy cream and then add the vanilla sugar in them, right from seeds.

Now take the large Cup, pour it into hot chocolate, top with a spoonful of cream. and enjoy!

P. S.

I don’t give exact proportions of ingredients. Because someone likes thick chocolate, someone more fluid, closer to cocoa. Definitely you will need an orange, low-fat cream tile dark chocolate, sugar, vanilla pod and whipping cream . And then, as they say, “to taste” and “ready”.

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