Original Chinese tea

Da Hong PAO

Leader in flavor, rich taste and beneficial effects on the body certainly can be called tea Da Hong PAO.

Tea Da Hong PAO grown and produced on the cliffs of Fujian (Northern part). The high cost of Chinese tea in comparison with other kinds due to the fact that the bushes do not grow plantations, and may be taken and give Mature leaves only in some areas, mostly on the slopes of Wuyi mountain.

Fermentation of tea leaves takes a long time, what defines a strong, sometimes pungent taste and smell of tea. A little honey shades and floral notes interwoven with mountain freshness – the effect of unexpected and alluring, who wants to feel again and again. A tea aftertaste lasts longer than after other Chinese teas, so the purpose of the tea ceremony is prolonged even after washed bowls.

Dizzying taste of tea Da Hong PAO is really relaxing and creates a sense of calm and measured, as in the day. But the bliss of calm clarity of thought and concentration do not leave. Warmth as if distributed throughout the body, so drinking the situation seems especially at home, comfortable and cozy. By drinking this tea decreases irritability and decreased the level of negative emotionality, leaving only the pleasant sensations in the body.

Features of the tea ceremony

To experience the charm of taste, aroma and aftertaste, be made to drink boiling water is not necessary. Da Hong PAO requires persistence to give all of what is available. It is important that the tea ceremony should occur between meals, at a time when the person is no longer hungry, but not hungry.

Proper brewing begins with the situation. Foodies are advised to drink tea in dim light, in a comfortable chair and even under the blanket. For brewing you should not use water from the faucet. Better to work hard and buy purified water or pass it through a homemade filter. The Chinese never use a wet bowl, so the bowl and the teapot is better to wipe dry. Brought to a boil (about 80 C) water is poured into the teapot and after merges. Drinking tea with the second steeping. One batch of tea leaves can rot 5 times.

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