Original recipes of herbal teas

Herbal teas are not only delicious, but also very useful! In this article I want to share original recipes of herbal teas. These drinks are prepared mainly in the summer time at the cottage. They are happy to drink and the kids after 3 years, and adults.

All recipes are designed for three liters of water as they gear for the whole family. You can reduce the ratio. It is recommended to use enameled or ceramic crockery (pots, kettles). I prefer to brew in 3-liter kettle. Also teas can be brewed in a thermos.

Recipes of herbal teas

Fruit herbal tea

Water bring to boil and turn off the heat. Then throw on sequence the following ingredients:

Raspberry leaves (two to three leaf will suffice)

A handful of black berries of mountain ash

Four leaf strawberry

Three leaf currant

10-15 of sea-buckthorn berries

Dried strawberries, or you can substitute with dried currant berries

Chopped twigs of fruit trees that are available to you.

Adding all the above ingredients, the tea should be allowed to infuse (about 15-20 minutes). Then you can drink.

Tonic herbal tea

Spend almost familiar to us moves (boil and turn off the heat) and then add:

A few leaves of peppermint (can be replaced by a pair of leaves Astragal)

Mountain Magnolia or as they call it at home “Tatar-tea” (5-6 flowers will suffice)

Small handful of thyme or St. John’s wort

The leaves of raspberry or currant (leaf 2-3)

Optionally, you can add rosehip

Expected within 20-30 minutes and you can drink it.

Tonic herbal tea

And again we perform our actions with boiling water and add:

Cut twigs of fruit trees

A handful of hawthorn

The leaves of raspberry, currant or strawberry (3 leaves)

A few leaves of mint or lemon balm

Optionally, you can add chamomile

Leave to infuse for half an hour.

Ginger tea with lemon

This drink will improve metabolism and stimulation of the whole body. It is better to drink in the winter.

Bring water to a boil and turn off the heat. Throws ginger (preferably crushed) and lemon, leave for 20-30 minutes.

Tea with clover and nettles

Yellow sweet clover and nettles Duo of these components is famous for its useful properties, the nettle will thicken the blood, and yellow sweet clover to liquefy. But you cannot abuse them, otherwise you may have serious problems with health. They can be added to herbal tea, not more than once a week (10 grams of clover and 4-5 leaves of nettle).

Clover tea

The leaves and flowers of clover – this Duo will add in your tea new notes of freshness and will add to the body of the pantry of useful minerals.

All teas are optional and your preference, you can add sugar or honey. Also feel free to experiment with compositions and their proportions.

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