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Your favorite perfume

Dear friends! Please speak up in the comments to this topic — what scents are your best of the best.

What kind of perfume for You favorite?

How do You feel about new products and what you think of the fashion for perfume? These and some other questions about fragrances people sometimes ask each other to learn about the taste of their loved ones — loved ones, friends, relatives and acquaintances.

The theme of your favorite perfume reveals the peculiarities of human nature, isn’t it? How do You think the spirits that people are saying something about themselves?

We suggest everyone to describe their impressions and preferences from the world of perfume! Maybe it will be just one scent, and possibly 10! And someone is interested in collecting and be ready to describe and 20, and 30 interesting flavors! And who is more ?

Omnia Green Jade — Bvlgari

Women’s perfume 2009 Omnia Green Jade by Bvlgari. Class of fragrance: floral water. Perfumer Alberto Morillas. Composition. Top notes: green notes, Mandarin. Heart notes: pear blossom, peony, Jasmine. Base notes: pistachio, musk, woody notes. Green jade. Omnia.

Orange flowers

Essential oil of orange blossom (orange tree). Aroma of orange flower floral, fresh, slightly honeyed and reminiscent of Jasmine. It alleviates insomnia, reduces anxiety, suppresses depression and anxiety. Blends with bergamot, mint.

Journey Woman — Amouage

Fragrance for women 2014 Journey Woman by Amouage. Group: floral-fruity, Oriental. Composition. Top notes: osmanthus, apricot, Jasmine tea, cardamom. Heart notes: honey and cedar, Mimosa and Jasmine Sambac. Base: vanilla, capriola, musk, saffron, tobacco. A new invitation.

Fatale — Agent Provocateur

Fragrance for women 2014 Fatale from Agent Provocateur. Class of fragrance: Oriental floral. Perfumer Jean-Marc Chaillan. Ingredients: Top notes: black currant, pink pepper, mango. Heart notes: patchouli, orris root, Gardenia. Base notes: chocolate, vanilla Orchid, musk.

My Name — Trussardi

Fragrance for women 2013 from Trussardi My Name. Class of fragrance: floral Oriental. Ideal for daytime use. Ingredients: top notes: heliotrope, white violet. Heart notes: lilac, Arum flower. Base notes: musk, vanilla, dry amber. New creation Trussardi created.

Just Precious — La Perla

Fragrance for women 2013 Just Precious by La Perla. Class of fragrance: Oriental floral. Suitable for both day and evening wear. Composition. Top notes: bergamot, orange blossom, Mandarin. Middle notes: peony, Jasmine, Tiare flower.

Born in Paradise — Escada

Women’s fragrance Born in Paradise by Escada. Class of fragrance: fruity. For daytime use. Composition. Top notes are watermelon, guava, green Apple. Heart notes: pineapple, coconut milk. Base: white cedar, sandalwood, musk. Another limitka from Escada promises.

Untold — Elizabeth Arden

Women’s perfume 2013 from Untold Elizabeth Arden. Class of fragrance: floral, Oriental. More suitable for daytime wear. Perfumer Clement Gavarry. Satav. Top notes: blackcurrant leaf, pink pepper, pear, bergamot. Heart notes: Gardenia, Jasmine. Base notes: sandalwood, patchouli.

Intense — Dolce & Gabbana

Intense is a women’s fragrance 2013 from pranksters Dolce & Gabbana � Samasta of fragrance: floral, Vostochnye. Go for Lubango time of day, but in the winter season! Ingredients: top notes: neroli, Mandarin. Heart: tuberose and a flower.

Erotique — Dita Von Teese

Women «universal» fragrance 2013 Erotique by Dita Von Teese. Class of fragrance is woody, floral, musky. More suitable, perhaps, for day, although many think appropriate and as an evening perfume. Note.

Today Tomorrow Always Amour — Avon

Fragrance for women 2013 Today Tomorrow Always Amour from Avon. Class of fragrance: floral, woody-musky. For daytime use. Ingredients: Top notes: citrus, pink pepper, green notes. Heart notes: Jasmine, Lily of the valley, white Magnolia. Base notes: white cedar.

Fate for Women — Amouage

Fragrance for women 2013 Fate for Women from Amouage. Class of fragrance: floral, Oriental, chypre. For daytime and nighttime use. Ingredients: Top notes: cinnamon, black pepper, Chile, bergamot. Heart notes: Narcissus, rose, Jasmine, labdanum, frankincense. Note.

Boss Jour Pour Femme – 2013

Fragrance for women 2013 Boss Jour Pour Femme. Class of fragrance: floral. ‘s meant for daytime use. Composition. Top notes are lime and grapefruit flower. Middle notes: white flowers, white freesia, Lily of the valley, honeysuckle. Base notes: birch, amber. Another.

Si — Giorgio Armani — 2013

Class of fragrance: chypre. More suitable for daytime primeneniy Ingredients: top notes: Mandarin, bergamot from Sicily, liquer de cassis (black currant liqueur). Heart notes: rose de MAE (may), Jasmine from Egypt, neroli. Base notes: Cashmeran (white tree).

New dawn — reviews about spirits

I love and hate in perfumes “New dawn”. — How do you like the new perfume? — it Smells of desperation! The following quote from the TV series gave the other day my friend found on my table a perfume factory New.

Reve — Van Cleef & Arpels — 2013

Fragrance for women 2013 Reve by Van Cleef & Arpels. Class of fragrance: floral, fruity. For daytime use. Composition. Top notes: pear, neroli. Heart notes: osmanthus, Lily and peony. Base notes: sandalwood, ambergris. New fragrance 2013.

L’Amour — Lalique — 2013

Fragrance for women 2013, L’Amour by Lalique. Class of fragrance: floral, woody-musky. For daytime wear. Composition. Top notes: bergamot, neroli, rose. Heart notes: tuberose, Jasmine, Gardenia. Base notes: sandalwood, white cedar, musk. Perfumer — Nathalie Lorson. Say.

Aroma of black currant

Properties of black currant aroma. The black currant aroma is fresh, grassy, slightly minty, fruity, woody notes, balsamic. This scent relieves stress and tension, is used when struggling with depression and prolonged emotional discomfort. Combined.

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