The benefits of green tea and harm

Green tea – it is a universal anti-aging drink. through which you can quench your thirst and treat many diseases. But along with the benefits of green tea, if you do not control its moderate consumption, it can add up to harm from green tea.

The story begins with green tea India, there were found the first plants of the family theaceae.

Then tea was passed in ancient China. Miraculous properties described in the Chinese manuscript in 2700 BC The first who tried green tea were shepherds who noticed how awake animals after consuming the tea leaves.

Having tried these sheets, they were amazed flavor characteristics and therapeutic properties of this product.

So tea began to travel to different countries and won the love of many people.

The composition of green tea

Black green tea is characterized in that its processing does not occur the fermentation process, so that the leaves retain their natural color. Green tea contains more than 450 different substances and trace elements, which include fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The tea contains is 7% minerals.

Of course, they are necessary for normal body function, this explains the benefits of green tea.

Catechins and polyphenols, which are contained in the drink are the active agents in the fight against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Among all the components of tea is to provide the main substance that makes it very popular – is caffeine .

This component gives a person a burst of energy, improves brain function and invigorates. But the caffeine in tea is in a modified form, and is called ” the theine. Its effect is milder than caffeine.

The benefits of green tea for the body

The most useful property of tea – this quenching thirst. In fact quite a large amount of water the body requires not only heat, but also during the illness.

The increasing temperature is the reason for drinking plenty of water. In addition, the benefits of green tea lies in the fact that it has a substance that remove the inflammation. And healthy diet includes recommendations on the consumption of green tea in renal diseases, as it is considered an excellent diuretic.

According to scientists, substances such tea ensure the prevention of vascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack. It is known that the benefits of green tea is that it strengthens the walls of blood vessels and cleans the body from cholesterol.

In addition, the drink has a beneficial effect on digestion. And for those who are trying to lose weight, this drink is most valuable.

It is worth remembering that the tea is not to drink on an empty stomach, and only after meals. To drink need as a separate meal, and not to make a continuation of the meal.

Drink green tea, you need 15 minutes after brewing, so will not evaporate useful essential substances from it.

Consumption of green tea, preferably during the day as in the evening it can disrupt sleep and cause headaches.

Even green tea is used for cosmetic purposes. Its frozen in the ice cubes and rubbed every day ice face, stroking the skin with massage movements.

Such treatments improve the appearance of the skin and slow down the aging process, beauty and freshness of the face is preserved for years to come.

Harm green tea for the body

If you drink green tea incorrectly, the damage from it will be greater than the benefits. Therefore, before drinking it, you must follow the recommendations for proper brewing and consumption.

Before brewing green tea. it is necessary to study its beneficial and harmful effects. His negative qualities include the fact that it is not recommended to drink green tea to people with nervous exhaustion, because it may cause sleep disturbance.

You can not eat drink people with low blood pressure, as tea can reduce blood pressure. Women in pregnancy, before menstruation, during menopause, you need to stop drinking green tea or reduce its amount.

Another harm of green tea is that it increases the acidity of gastric juice, and also contributes to the formation of kidney stones.

According to some medical experts, a certain dose of tea can lead to increased polyphenol in the body. This substance leads to adverse effects on human DNA, which causes breakage of chains.

If the broth infuses the whole day, then it becomes a real poison, with a bunch of harmful substances.

Scientists have proven that green tea absolutely cannot be combined with alcohol, it is very harmful effect on the kidneys. You can not drink the drink for arthritis, gout and rheumatism.

Medicines drink the decoction is also impossible, because it promotes the excretion of chemicals.

Considered dangerous dose three cups of green tea a day. However, such harm green tea – this is just a theory.

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