The game of chocolate

Pancakes with whipped cream, fresh berries and mint, “that”, signature hot chocolate. Photo: Juliana SOIBADA

We have a tradition: on Sundays we play in the cafe, serving hot chocolate.

No, we don’t go there: the average check in this place at the best of times was a half thousand rubles, and even now.

Therefore, we simulated the fun at home. Pancakes with whipped cream, fresh berries and mint, “that”, signature hot chocolate.

The baby joy, my pride and joy: wow, can do the same! And cheesecakes, and ” Prague “, and Mojito in a tall glass (non-alcoholic).

Today I invite you to play along with us. I sang one cute deceiver: “Sins of my analysis write up: you will appreciate the beauty of the game.”

Whisk cream, 33%, with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. A bony hand the crisis has extended to our little cozy home “coffee shops”: the cream of Russian manufacturers whipped worse: it turns out that liquid “melted ice cream”, then immediately a yellow oil. Wonderful cream, thick as sour cream, standing “hat” does not work for several months.

Falls, cursing, to run to the store for Italian cream: they “whipped” is already in the package, are squeezed out of the box, like toothpaste. It is enough to work with a mixer for another ten seconds and air confectionary miracle finish.

Ready and a bunch of unpatriotic thoughts. Think about me domestic dairy producers? That they can save on raw materials and technologies, and we going to tolerate?

Readers have complained: cheesecakes now swim in a skillet in a strange fat, because the cheese became a little cottage cheese, cheese Russian brands are soft and taste like plastic.

Interested also, in the situation when the state intervenes, which, on the one hand, should take care of the health of their citizens, and, on the other, the publish sector as the source of its prosperity? Not good because life manufacturers have drastically reduced the quality.


Calmed down.

In evil not to cook: people poisoned. Installation should only be for good.

And therefore turn to pancakes.

Once I already wrote: the recipes of this dish – from the evil one: pancakes a good hostess makes everything horrible. Sour milk, the remnants of sour cream, forgotten kefir, cider. I even cook the pancake cottage cheese and it came out the pancakes, and excellent! A couple of eggs, salt, sugar, flour, slaked soda.

But I tell you a secret: the most delicious pancakes – from sour milk, cream and mix, which is issued on children’s dairy kitchens (she stands in all supermarkets). Tested!

Bake pancakes in a dry pan, put to cool. This is not the case when piping hot, right in the mouth: in fact, this cakes for cupcake.


Put on a steam bath, a tiny saucepan with cream (today is the day cream!) and break there a chocolate bar. The chocolate is heated, and soon, instead of the heavy cream in a saucepan — solid dark brown thick and fragrant mass. And it’s not cocoa!

Between us speaking, our hot chocolate is better than in that cafe. The chocolate is brewed from grains, and we have all natural (one chocolate per Cup). Just know that immediately after the collapse of the ruble in the cafe responded: “I can’t cook, no deliveries. ”

Now — not to breathe. Put on pancakes spoon of thick whipped cream and fold their tubes, so that the stuffing and filled the whole man, as a cream puff. Stacked near fresh strawberries or raspberries. throw the mint leaves. Another slide cream.

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