This white tea from China

The tradition of drinking tea came to us from China, where, during the reign of Emperor Chen Nan appeared and the so-called white tea. This kind of tea is not yet very widespread, as this tree grows only in two places of the globe – on the island of Sri Lanka and in Fujian province in China. The leaves of the tea tree are subjected to a weak fermentation, which leads to its color. Its name he received because of the tea Bud to bloom covered with white down. This kind is very valuable because it is harvested only twice a year – in September and April and only in the morning. Weather should be Sunny, wind or rain will ruin the crop. Employees are not allowed to smoke, drink and have spices, so as not to spoil the aroma of the tea leaves. For production of this tea collect leaves from the tree Da Bai Hao

or Shui-Hsiang. On these trees the buds appear in late February. In this case we take only one or two of the upper, the youngest leaf. After harvest it is dried in the open air, occasionally putting in a shadow. Tea must brew, over time, the chemical processes inside the leaves make the taste more intense. There are several varieties of white tea, the principal is a white peony and silver needle. The last type is the most expensive in the world.

Properties of white tea

Chinese white tea is a very healthful drink. It is believed that he brings youth and brings health. Due to the fact that the leaves are processed the natural way, tea will not be harm to the human body and contains a lot of vitamins. Enhances immunity, nourishes the blood platelets, prevents diseases of the cardiovascular system, dental caries and the occurrence of malignant tumors. Very good Chinese tea in hot weather, it perfectly refreshes and tones. The drink has a delicate taste with hints of peach, melon or honey.

Brew it should be by special technology – the water should not be hot, better than 60-70 degrees. The brewing utensils used ceramic or glass.This kind of tea can truly be called the elixir of youth because of its unsurpassed antiseptic properties, on the basis of which slows down the aging process of body cells. This is reflected in their appearance and inner health of the person.

Where to buy white tea?

This rare drink to buy at the present time is not a problem. However, it is worth noting that not all sellers comply with the conditions for its proper storage. So if You value Your health and You want to purchase only high quality products welcome to our tea salon, where You will also be able to buy red tea. green tea etc.

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