To order the original Cup for a gift.


Cup in Kiev

Online store Pinky Owl offers a fairly large number of products for home comfort and for original registration of Your office. All that can add variety even in the most boring interior can be found in our catalog.

One of the most frequently used items in the office and at home is a Cup. Each of us drinks at home for a minimum of 2 mugs, be it coffee or tea; and at least 4 cups at work. So the cups are our constant friends. Would You

like to spend drinking tea from ugly Soviet or chipped mugs? Of course, no! We want to surround yourself with beautiful things, who gave us the flow of positive emotions every day, inspired or entertained. To do this, we created the original cups that you can buy in our online store.

For example, if You want to diversify your homemade dish, You are perfect cups for the couple. In these sets of cups usually consists of 2 cups: one designed for men and one for women. Also have a set of cups, for those who like coffee or tea. Many proposals cups for a gift for a couple on any occasion be it a wedding, housewarming or anniversary.

Sometimes to buy a Cup in Kiev is a real adventure, it’s so hard to choose or find the right option for themselves. We have tried to develop so versatile and at the same time original design that every Cup in Kiev was special. After all, this is the city where we live, who we want to bring joy in the first place. And then we wait such wonderful cities as Lviv, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv. While we will begin with them, and then the whole of Ukraine will enjoy tea and coffee cups from the online store Pinky Owl. A little Napoleonic plans, but we believe that these products can become really very important for every Ukrainian family.

If You want cups to buy in Kiev as a gift to someone from their loved ones – You can always place an order at our website and pick up the order at our office. We work on weekdays and weekend days (ex works), so if You want to save on shipping visit our online store.

One of the most popular cups in gift steel Cup in knitted covers. These practical and beautiful cups have become indispensable for those looking for something special and unusual. We picked up the design, that every one of our customers was able to find something to their liking. It can be cups with hearts, cups in a vest, cups in a sweater, cups in a tuxedo. All the original Cup in Kiev gathered in our online store, but delivered throughout Ukraine.

So, all kinds of cups in our online store:

Cups with inscriptions and drawings

Cups in knitted covers

Cups for the pair

Also in the shop Pinky Owl is a perpetual campaign, You can get the package for a gift – absolutely free! Simply by telling the Manager about your wish.

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